Mar 3, 2013

Creating our reality through positive thinking

Can we create our own reality through positive thinking?

Yes. Definitely. This is a very powerful question. On one side it gives us the power of changing our lives, but on the other it gives us a huge responsibility. Destiny is not in the hands of someone else but yours.
Ancient traditions and recently quantum physics have stated that we  don´t live in a material pre-designed world, but in a world of infinite possibilities. We can affect physical matter with our minds. We can change ourselves, our body and our community.  But is it as simple as just waking up and thinking “Today it´s going to be a great day”? I don´t think so. I think positive thinking is a process and you need lots of courage to take this path. This is because first of all we have to get rid of all the negative thoughts, and some of them are very powerful. Some of them have been with you since you were a kid and are imprinted in your brain; they make you go through your daily living. Let´s say, for example, that you think of yourself as a messy person. Your parents told you so, and then your friends or colleagues confirmed it. This takes away all the responsibility of being an organized person.
To start the process of positive thinking we have to dig deep. Find the negative thoughts that are not in the top of the iceberg. Then question them. Who told me that? Is that entirely true? What if I could change this?
Once you dug all of them, then you can switch to other techniques of positive thinking. There are lots of them.  I particularly like two of them. The first one is the ASK-BELIEVE-BE GRATEFUL that I explain on the post of Beyond the Secret…The second one is creating your day and it’s a lot like visualization exercises.  Take a moment before falling asleep or before totally waking up and create in your mind the day as you wish it to be. The results are amazing.
Affirmations are another way of positive thinking and can change your mind´s pattern. These are positive statements in present tense to repeat throughout the day. For example, if you want to lose weight you can repeat “I´m thin and healthy”. The way affirmations work it´s by reinforcing the connections in your brain. It´s proved that the most thoughts, positive or negative, we have in our brain, and the more we repeat them or act on them the stronger the connections in your brain that treat about this thinking. So, affirmations function as positive thinking workout. What are the affirmations you use? I would love to hear about them.
Another topic on positive thinking is positive psychology. It explains us that a bit of negative thinking is necessary to function in life. I like not to think we need is negative thinking but action. We can create our day in our mind but if you sit in the couch all day, it´s not going to work. Take positive thinking out there and act accordingly.
What are your thoughts on creating our reality through positive thinking? I would love to hear about them.

Feb 18, 2013

Blog carnival: Positive thinking

In this Carnival all of us will write about the possibility of creating our own reality trough our thoughts.

  • What are your opinions on positive thinking?
  • What do you think of affirmations?
  • Can you contribute with any of them? 
  • What are your thoughts on positive psychology?
  • What steps do we need to follow to create a new and better reality? 
  • Have you experienced something about this that you want to share?
We are doing it the last saturday of every month. In February the date is March 2. Send your posts as soon as you have them please. Join us!

4 “golden rules” of goal reaching revisited

1. Establish short term mini-goals?

This one´s a tough one. Mini-goals are easier to follow, but they aren´t as motivating as seeing the big picture. Let´s say, for example, that, like me, you are trying to create a blog and connect with people interested in the same topics as you and create friendships and interesting debates. Frankly I don’t feel motivated to write only a post. I feel motivated about the big picture: of you reading me, comment, and start bonding. At least for me this has never worked. It´s very common in programs like AA “today I won´t drink” or in “today I won´t eat any junk food” Why bother if you´re only doing it for a day? Maybe it´s better for a longer term. When my husband quitted smoking he said: “I won´t smoke for a year” while he took the last puff. Every year he says the same and, thinking a little bit long term has helped him keep smoke- free for four years…and counting.

2. Stay committed not condemned

In other human development blogs I keep reading that you have to stay committed and focused on your goal all day long. I think that´s a little obsessive. Let´s not forget: what resists, persists. If you are thinking of weight loss all day, the only signal your brain gets is “weight”. This is the basis of positive thinking: keep your affirmations positive. Don´t think “I need to lose weight”, think “I´ll eat healthier” so the word your brain gets is “healthier”. If you put resistance by over thinking your goals, your problems will only persist.

3. Learn to say no?

This one´s a classic. Learn to say no to things that “hurt” you or to people that abuses of your time or money, etc. I say, let´s say yes. Let´s go back to the weight issue. It´s healthier to say yes to working out than saying no to coach potatoing. Have you seen the movie with Jim Carrey, Yes Man? This is not fiction. Great things happen when you say yes. Let´s put a real life example. When I was reading about life coaching I saw the Free Coach Training program at the SCM. All I had to do was clicking (saying yes) and my whole life changed. Why do you think we say I do at wedding rather than I don´t? Will you take John Doe as your beloved husband? I do. Would you take anyone else except John Doe as your beloved husband? I don’t. Saying no isn´t positive or ecological. When it comes to people that abuses your time or money you can also say yes and grow as a human being by saying yes to yourself. Do I deserve to be treated with respect? Yes. There´s your answer. It´s all about switching connections in your brain to stay positive.

4. Get people involved

Tricky one. Which people? If you go out there and tell people that you´re quitting smoking you´ll get lots of answers. There´s positive answers like: “Wow! That´s great”. The problem is every time you see the positive answer people you will feel suffocated by questions like “You´re still not smoking right?” There will also be people, often fellow smokers, to convince you not to do it. But most of the people will go “Uh! That´s tough, are you in withdrawal? Does your head hurt? Are you feeling depressed?” It´s not a bad intention, they´re just curious; but maybe you weren’t having a headache until that person put that idea on your mind. Nevertheless, really positive people can help you achieve your goal, so be careful, don´t make everyone know, but get support from the right people.

Feb 11, 2013

What´s the best Valentine´s gift?

What do you think of Valentine´s day? A lot of people thinks it´s just another commercial date.

I think it´s a nice date to remember how much you care about the people around you.

A lot of people feel depressed when they are single in Valentine´s day. I think it´s a great day to give yourself a gift. It´s important to love yourself before you love other people. Your gift can be anything you enjoy: a day at a spa, a book you’ve been wanting to read or some quality time with yourself.

What does quality time with yourself means? It means treating yourself as you would treat your best friend: listen to yourself, try to understand your feelings, cheer yourself up, remember your achievements and how valuable you are.
Even though teddy bears and candy are cute, quality time with others is also the best gift you can make for others. It´s going to be satisfying and cheap!

This Valentine´s day I made a scrapbook with 101 reasons I love my husband. What do you think of that gift?

Looking forward to your comments!

Feb 7, 2013

Beyond The Secret: the power of positive thinking

Most of us have read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and understood “the law of attraction”.
But Have we really comprehended it? Have we made it part of our souls and our day to day life? I think not. I think most of us have tried positive thinking once or twice after reading this kind of books and then, simply, we let it go and bury it underneath our daily occupations and we feel overwhelmed again.

If we really understood that there are only three simple steps to accomplish what we want, we could make positive thinking part of our lives. Which steps: ASK. BELIEVE. BE GRATEFUL.

ASK. Ask for what? Whatever you want. The sky is the limit. The world is your own, personal, shopping catalog. But still, I´m not into the idea of asking things which can hurt you or others. Don´t ask for a bus to run over your boss. Ask for things that benefit you and the Universe. That doesn´t mean you can´t ask for a super cool sports car. As explained in The Secret, the Universe has unlimited resources for all of us. Don´t hesitate to expect high.

Sometimes, what´s stopping us is our own fear of success. Picture yourself winning a million dollars. Pretty cool? Yes, but a little bit overwhelming too. What did I do to deserve a million dollars? How will I spend them?
Imagine. Create. You have the power to create your own reality. That´s not just a New Age idea. It´s plain and simple quantum physics. Check the further post on What the bleep do we know!? for more information.

The second step is the hardest. BELIEVE. That implies patience and that´s not easy for all of us. It could happen that your “order” will be delivered immediately but, most of the times, it will take a little longer. But don´t ever hesitate. It will be delivered to you. I´ve found this technique useful many times: Picture it literally as if you were buying on the Internet. Click to order. Now, there´s no steps back. You just have to wait for the package to arrive. Don´t think about it too much. Keep going with your life. But pay attention to the signals. Signals are winks the Universe make to our intuition. If you listen and act accordingly your Internet order will be marked as “express”.

Ok. Now you´ve received the package. Let´s enjoy! And let´s BE GRATEFUL. Who can you thank? Call it God, the Universe, Life, Energy. Or don´t put a name at all. Just be grateful from the bottom of your heart. This allows the energy to keep flowing and you start to build “positive connections” on your brain.

Finally let´s look at what I call “the iceberg effect”. In the top of your mental iceberg you have positive thinking but underneath the water is messy and full of negative thoughts, so big they are convictions. Take a dip into that water and modify those thoughts. Life coaching is very useful, especially in this part.

Make it part of your daily life. ASK. BELIEVE. BE GRATEFUL. And now enjoy the life of your dreams!